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Azadi Tower Projection Mapping

Projection mapping of Azadi tower on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Segal Media Company has been successful in implementing the Video Mappings project on a large and historic dimension of the Azadi Tower, which has completed this responsibility every time with the highest level of quality.

This massive project has been produced and implemented by the highly professional and expert team of Segal Media Company from zero to a hundred. During all stages, including scenario writing, content creation and implementation, it is aligned with the largest global companies. This phenomenon has been fascinating.

One of the important and significant aspects of this project is the very large dimensions of the tower building and the technique of displacement of the surfaces and walls of this field, which is best implemented.

Segal Company has implemented a three dimensional lighting project in very large dimensions, which requires sufficient knowledge and expertise in this field. The Azadi Tower is one of the most well-known buildings in Iran and the world. It was built at a height of 63 meters and a height of 45 from the surface of the earth. It is said that in the construction of the Azadi Tower, forty six thousand pieces of stone were cut, has been used . Segal Company has been able to calculate the huge dimensions of the tower and, in view of the details of its structure and its symbolic and cultural features, and the various discourses in the past few decades, they will produce content that is consistent with the tower. The created content includes the combination of visual effects with 3D animation and the creation of three-dimensional space rendered by 3D rendering engines and high-speed graphics processing. Segal has been able to produce the most complex and complex CGI and CGI techniques in producing the content of this project. Perform special visual work.

  • LOCATION : Tehran-Iran
  • CLIENT : Tehran Municipality
  • :
  • :
  • NBR DAYS : 4
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