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Stage Decor Design and Projection Mapping , and interactive corridor of the annual seminar of Pakhsh Alborz Company in Kish

Holding a memorable event of Pakhsh Alborz Company by combining art and technology - giving awards and honoring the CEO Mr. Dr. Qais Badri

Pakhsh Alborz Company, as one of the largest and oldest distribution companies in Iran, created a unique and memorable experience for its employees by smartly choosing Segal Media for its annual sales seminar and award ceremony.  The event, which celebrated the CEO and top personnel, required meticulous planning and execution.

The expertise of Segal Media’s specialists in 3D lighting and the use of display LEDs played a crucial role in enhancing the seminar. Utilizing multiple technologies, Segal Media welcomed guests with an impressive entrance pathway featuring vertical LEDs displaying unique images and interactive art in the corridor leading to the main hall. The video mapping on the walls of the Kish International Convention Center’s main hall, along with the design of a unique decor and stage for the awards segment, transformed Pakhsh Alborz  Company’s annual seminar into an attractive and remarkable event that captivated the attendees. The skill and creativity of Segal Media’s artists ensure that your events and ceremonies are conducted in a memorable and engaging manner.

  • LOCATION : Kish International Conference Center
  • CLIENT : Pakhsh Alborz Company
  • DATE : Jan 8th to 11 th 2024
  • :
  • NBR DAYS : 3
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