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Tehran’s Azadi Tower projection mapping

Execution of 3d projection mapping on the occasion of Mid-Shaban celebration


Execution of 3D projection mapping on the occasion of Mid-Sha'ban celebration

This project has been implemented by order of Tehran Municipality On 9th and 10th April 2020.

All the stages of ideation, content production and implementation of 3D projection mapping on Azadi Tower have been done by our team expertise of Segal Media Company.

One of the outstanding features of this project for the first time in Iran was the simultaneous implementation of projection mapping on the two sides of Azadi Tower.

We used six high power Panasonic projector with Dataton Watchout media server to synchronize and Genlock projection output with Timecode.

Due to the critical conditions of Coronavirus and atmospheric instability the working atmosphere of this project has become very memorable for Segal's team and colleagues.

However, as always, we went through one of the best video mapping show with commitment, perseverance and teamwork.

  • LOCATION : Tehran-Iran
  • CLIENT : Tehran Municipality
  • DATE : 2020
  • NBR DAYS : 2 Nights
The Projection mapping of Tehran's Azadi Tower مشاهده پروژه قبلی
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