Segal Media in Berlin Lights Festival - Charlottenburg Palace

Rainbow Reverie Projection Mapping in Berlin Lights Festival 2023

The Berlin Lights Festival is an international event held annually in October, showcasing important tourist attractions in Berlin through light and color. Using 3D mapping techniques, streets and significant locations in Berlin are illuminated, and designers from around the world compete to create stunning visual displays. Segal Media is proud to have been invited to the Berlin Lights Festival for the second consecutive year, where they crafted a valuable and inspiring experience, showcasing the beauty and enchantment of 3D light artistry to a global audience.

This year’s festival theme, “Diversity shines bright ” emphasized values such as uniqueness, dignity, respect, and acceptance. It celebrates the richness that differences bring to our lives. The festival’s focus for 3D architectural lighting was on the “Colors of Life,” and Segal Media’s performance with the “Rainbow Reverie” display transformed the audience’s perception with a vibrant interplay of colors, shapes, lights, and shadows, igniting dreams in their minds. Charlottenburg Palace, a masterpiece of architecture and art, stands as a symbol of Berlin’s rich history and heritage, adorned in Baroque and Rococo styles. The challenge for Segal Media experts was to harmonize historical and artistic elements of the palace with modern and innovative visual effects, creating beauty and creativity in all forms.

  • LOCATION : Charlottenburg Palace
  • CLIENT : Berlin Light Festival
  • DATE : October 6th to15th 2023
  • :
  • NBR DAYS : 10
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