Ayandeh Bank Tower Projection Mapping

Projection mapping of Ayandeh Bank tower on the occasion of the opening of Ayandeh Bank central branch and Unity Week

Ayandeh Bank tower is large in terms of dimensions and has a high height, which can be projection mapping only by powerful projectors and the high expertise of the technical team. Segal Media Company is proud to have implemented and demonstrated this project successfully and with complete customer satisfaction, as in the past, with sufficient knowledge and skills and the use of the latest equipment in the world.

In this project, two issues have been addressed simultaneously, congratulations and celebration of Unity Week, the birth of the precious Prophet of Islam and the happy birth of Imam Sadegh  with related designs and roles. And The announcement of the opening of the central branch of Ayandeh Bank and the display of the bank's logo in a modern design and in line with the tower's architecture have been exposed to the view of guests and passers-by.

  • LOCATION : Tehran-Iran
  • CLIENT : Ayandeh Bank
  • DATE : 2020
  • :
  • NBR DAYS : 3 nights
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