Goldis Tile's Projection Mapping 2nd annual celebration

Baroque Gallery building Projection Mapping on the occasion of Goldis Tile's annual celebration

Goldis Tile Event was performed with Beshko Award 2nd  at Baroque Gallery with 3D projection mapping by segal media Company.

The beshko 2nd prize is dedicated to the design competition of nature-inspired tiles That the content of this 3D lighting was also done by Segal Media  with the same approach and theme .This is the second year in a row that Segal Media is proud to be responsible for producing and running the Projection mapping program every year .

  • LOCATION : Tehran- Iran
  • CLIENT : Goldis Tile
  • DATE : 2019
  • :
  • NBR DAYS : 1 night
Golestan Palace Projection Mapping مشاهده پروژه قبلی
Projection Mapping Arg-e Karimkhan | Shiraz مشاهده پروژه بعدی

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