Interactive games at the International Exhibition of Automotive Parts

Designing interactive games at the international automotive parts exhibition - Ezam automotive parts group’s booth

Automotive Services Exhibition is the largest industrial and commercial event in Iran in the field of automobiles and parts. It provides a unique opportunity for companies active in this industry to showcase their products to the audience. Sagal Media played a remarkable role in creating a vibrant and memorable presence for Ezam Group at this year’s exhibition by utilizing creativity and innovation in designing interactive games.

Interactive games are an excellent way to attract the audience and showcase products in a modern and memorable way. Sagal Media designers created two games to display information related to Ezam Auto Parts Group. For this purpose, a 3D lighting feature was used to design a puzzle competition on the wall, where different Ezam Group products were scattered as a puzzle on the wall, and the player could complete it by moving each piece of the puzzle and reaching a picture of Ezam products, which created an all-encompassing and exciting experience for the participants. 

For the second game, interactive platforms were used, where the player stood in front of an LCD and answered questions related to Ezam Auto Parts on the platform, and then, depending on the correctness of the answer, an incredibly exciting and thrilling graphic images and sound effects were played in the environment. Interactive games with 3D lighting are attractive to the audience because they provide a unique and memorable experience that is different from displaying products in a traditional way. These types of games allow participants to interact with products in an entertaining and engaging way, which can help create awareness and loyalty to the brand.

  • LOCATION : International Exhibition
  • CLIENT : Ezam automotive parts group
  • DATE :
  • :
  • NBR DAYS : 4

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