Shiraz Quran Gate Projection Mapping

The Monument Quran Gate 3D Projection mapping , Shiraz city entrance on the occasion of Nowruz 1398.

Segal Media Company is the largest and the best company in Iran in the field of 3D Mapping and content creation. View of all buildings including historical monuments of the country using the latest technologies of the world. Today, the largest projects in various dimensions of the best quality, along with the full satisfaction of its customers, have been successful.

Segal Media has succeeded in using its expertise and experience in this project.

Regarding the issue and the days of Nowruz, the program is a joyous and funny program whose content is based on the architecture of the gateway of the Qur'an, history, art and culture of the city of Shiraz by the company's expert team.

In this project, by displaying diverse Islamic designs and orosi windows and several other symbols related to the history of this city, which has been carefully crafted and crafted into architectural detail.

  • LOCATION : Shiraz-Iran
  • CLIENT : Shiraz Municipality
  • DATE : 2019
  • :
  • NBR DAYS : 4
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