Elco Booth Projection Mapping

Elco products projection mapping At the 10th International Elevator Exhibition

Creating a different experience in the booth of Elco Company in the 10th International Exhibition of Elevators, Parts and Peripherals. Elco entrusted the different appearance of its products to Segal Media Company in order to attract the audience's attention with its video Mapping technology.

Segal Media at Elco booth combined 5 products produced by this company with its experience, creativity and innovation with video Mapping technology to create a new experience for visitors.

The video Mapping technique has the potential to be performed on simple and complex non-level surfaces, and it can be used to create a different, beautiful and memorable experience for different products.

  • LOCATION : Tehran-Iran
  • CLIENT : Elco Company
  • DATE : 2021
  • :
  • NBR DAYS : 4 days
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