Gplus booth Projection mapping

Video Mapping At the 21st Hamex Exhibition

In today's world where the industry is growing at the speed of light, projection mapping comes with the help of the most magnificent display of products to show technology and beauty together.

At the 21st International Home Appliances Exhibition (HOMEX 2021), Segal Media exhibited its art on three GPlus home appliance products, including refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, which attracted everyone's attention and were welcomed. Became unique visitors.

Holding exhibitions is a good opportunity to provide services and products to the audience. If this presentation is accompanied by creativity, lighting and visual elements, it has a special impact on the audience, and it is a good experience for the seller and the buyer that both are satisfied. Will bring the side

  • LOCATION : Tehran - Iran
  • CLIENT : Goldiran
  • DATE : 2021
  • :
  • NBR DAYS : 5
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