Metaverse Immersive Projection Room

Pardis Summit 3d projection mapping with the theme of introducing the virtual world (Metaverse)

 The word metavers consists of two parts, Meta and Univers, which means beyond the world. For the first time in Iran, Segal Media performed video mapping with this issue in Pardis Science and Technology Park, which brought a different experience for visitors  

The content of this project was displayed on the walls of a 5 * 5 room with 360  Immersive projection room technique and a corridor with a length of 9 meters

In creating the content of this project, the aim was to introduce and study the applications of Metavarse in the world, in which the history of human media from the beginning to the present century and the advent of Metavarse, simulation  Metavarse in  Iran and also reference to Metaverse applications in industry, medical sciences and tourism


  • LOCATION : Tehran - Iran
  • CLIENT : Benta Company
  • DATE : 2022
  • :
  • NBR DAYS : 2 days
Gplus booth Projection mapping مشاهده پروژه قبلی

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