The Interactive Hall of (MCI) Hamrah Aval at GITEX Dubai

Execution of an interactive display of Iran’s attractions in the Hamrah Aval booth

  (MCI) Hamrah Aval, in collaboration with Mobile Telecommunications Company of Iran, showcased Iran’s tourist attractions through an immersive and interactive experience at the GITEX Dubai exhibition. GITEX Dubai is the world’s largest information technology exhibition, held annually in Dubai, where leading companies in the industry present their latest technological advancements, innovations, and new products. Participants at GITEX Dubai come from diverse backgrounds and have the opportunity to stay informed about global technology trends and connect with developers and experts in the ICT field.

Segal Media, in partnership with (MCI) Hamrah Aval, demonstrated Iran’s diverse and captivating tourist attractions through an interactive experience. Segal Media designers created a space with five interactive platforms equipped with projectors and sensors. When visitors stood on these platforms, they could watch videos showcasing various unique tourist destinations in Iran. The videos were accompanied by music, enhancing the emotional impact of being virtually present at these tourist spots. This creative project highlighted the power of technology to connect people with different cultures and tastes, while also showcasing Hamrah Aval’s potential to deliver high-quality and engaging content to its customers. The project aimed to blend tourist attractions with a touch of innovation and creativity, presenting visually appealing images to the audience.

  • LOCATION : Dubai World Trade Centre
  • CLIENT : Mobile Communication Company of Iran
  • DATE : October 16th to 20th 2023
  • :
  • NBR DAYS : 5

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